The balance of life

My name is Nathan. As a 28 year-old man-boy, I’m beginning to experience the enjoyment – and pressures – of adulthood. I spend my time between working with young people in Blackpool around the hot and increasingly complex topics of drugs and alcohol, as well as at a youth club on a local estate, looking after my extremely macho chihuahua – Peggy Sue, home improvements, catching up with friends, making plans, working through my distance learning BA hons in Youth and Community Work with YMCA George Williams college in London, trying to keep – or should I say get – fit and healthy, cooking, playing football, going to music gigs and festivals whilst always surrounding myself with my beautiful partner, Nadina and my fun-loving and slightly wacky family (majority shown in pic).

I’m beginning to understand the balance of adult life and at times its great, but it’s hard work to maintain an even keel; work, friends, family, hobbies… and that’s without kids!

I wanted to start a blog after a friend inspired me to do so – thanks Paul. I enjoy to write and ramble about different topics. I  want to use the blog as a therapeutic tool, as well as offering an insight into my man-boy life – warts and all – looking at my interests and dilemmas such as food, my love of music, clothes – although nowadays I’ve swapped Fred Perry boutiques for the Matalan sale rack (pesky bills!), drugs and alcohol (research not use, although it depends on how the week has gone!!), social events, my never ending road to fitness, studying, home improvements and general bits and pieces from my rather extraordinarily normal life. 

In this blog I will share some musings from my day to day life, containing a mixture of all of the above – pills, thrills and B&Q.

Peace and love.


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