Music of the week: Northern Soul.

My music choice of the week is: Northern Soul. I love music and I especially love Northern Soul; the music, the dancing, the clothes and the characters. I’ve compiled a bit of a playlist below of the Northern Soul records which are getting extra air time on my Spotify this week, with additional hints of Motown and RnB.

My love for Northern Soul began as a small child and was perhaps, initially, a choice I had little say in. My Mum and Dad were early attenders of “The Mecca” (circa 1970), a night club in Blackpool which, apparently, was the place to be in its heyday, if Northern Soul was your thing. Early retirement from the scene due to 2 children in quick succession (my two older brothers, my sister and I came a little later!) meant that it was a short but memorable love affair between my parents and Northeen Soul.

Fast forward 25 years and the resurgence of Northern Soul began, events were organised up and down the country, allowing folk to dust down their stay-press pants and Ben Sherman shirts, get together, listen to their favourite tunes and dance the night away (perhaps minus the ‘black bombers’ and copious amounts of amphetemines… or not in some cases I’m sure!). My Mum and Dad were alive again, given a second shot at the Northern Soul scene and what’s more, they could take their kids along with them! If it wasn’t events, it was CD compilations blasting in the kitchen with catchy beats and soulful vocals. I fell in love with it all.

I’ll be honest, nowadays my desire to listen to Northern Soul comes and goes in waves, simply because I love so many types of music. The fire was re-ignited a few weeks ago by attending a local event with my family – Blackpool Soul Club’s 3rd birthday at the Wainwright Club on Hornby Rd, Blackpool. The event was brilliant, the atmosphere warm and welcoming, the music on point, the dancing smooth and cultured with a hint of ego, but not too much to be off putting or intimidating, the best part… Talc was allowed! Often at events these days talc, the dance floor lubricant, is prohibited – health and safety (of course)! When the talc came out, the scenesters (my clan included) were like small children on Christmas morning. The more talc – and alcohol – the slicker the moves got (or at least they appeared to!) and the fun continued into the late night.

Since the event, my Spotify has been churning out some of my favourite songs from this genre/era, some Northern Soul, some drifting away from its pure form in the shape of Motown or RnB, even bordering on disco. What’s guaranteed however, regardless of genre, is that these songs bring happy memories flooding back and highlight my connection not only to the music but my family as well.


  1. The Originals – Suspicion
  2. The Contours – Baby Hit and Run
  3. The Epitome of Sound – You Don’t Love Me
  4. Showman – Our Love Will Grow
  5. Kim Weston – I’m Still Loving You
  6. Nolan Porter – If I Could Only Be Sure
  7. Edward Hamilton – Baby Don’t You Weep
  8. Linda Jones – My Heart Needs a Break
  9. The Incredibles – There’s Nothing Else to Say Baby
  10. The Four Tops – There’s Something About You Baby
  11. The Isley Brothers – Behind The Painted Smile
  12. Chuck Wood – Seven Days is Too Long
  13. Dobbie Gray – Out on the Floor
  14. Willie Tee – Walking up a One Way Street
  15. Roy Hamilton – Crackin’ up Over You

Hope you enjoy the music guys and remember; Keep the Faith.

Peace and Love.

3 thoughts on “Music of the week: Northern Soul.

  1. Great blog lad,will download. Few of them bad boys as there’s a few on there I don’t have or have heard.keepvthe faith,peace out!!


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