The magical power of a MyZone belt.

6 weeks ago, my place of work selected 100 people to take part in a challenge, which involved a commitment to 12 weeks, exercising a minimum of twice a week for a total of 60 minutes, wearing a MyZone belt. Guess what, I was selected. I’m just over a month into my MyZone challenge and I’m amazed at some of the things which seem to have happened since this tiny little thing entered my world.

Ok, so it’s not quite magical as the title suggests. And the exercising twice a week for a total of 60 minutes minimum is certainly no biggy, right? However, since the moment I strapped on this 21st century marvel (which by the way my Dad said looked like a sports bra, which I arguably may need), I haven’t looked back.

The MyZone belt picks up your heart rate and tracks effort level, calories burned and time. Using a calculation I’m not entirely sure of, this information is turned into points called MEPs, which are tracked on the MyZone app. I’m a sucker for apps which tell you clever information such as the bits and pieces listed above, especially when this information is put into fancy graphs and accumulated over time – I’m like, wow I’ve burned ‘x’ amount of calories this week and my average effort level is 72%, as the snores of my nearest and dearest kick in at the sound of yet more MyZone waffle.

To top all this off, the information is gathered and your progress tracked… in running competition with colleagues! I’m talking league tables accessible via the app, which, if you’re anything like me, feel like they put the family name on the line!

So what’s this amazing stuff that’s happened since the start of MyZone I hear you ask? Well besides irritating myself and those around me by constantly singing “I’m just in MyZone..” (The start of a very catchy chart tune recently by WSTRN, called “In2”), I have increased my running pace significantly. I assign the MyZone belt as the catalyst to this, simply for psychological reasons. Instead of thinking about my legs tiring, I’m thinking about maintaining my heart rate, which in turn makes me fly like the wind. Ok, a slight breeze maybe.

The second ‘magical power’ I have experienced during the MyZone challenge is the fact that I have been able to get myself up at 6am in the morning twice per week to go boxing training (with the help of my brother in-law, Carl, who has been a huge help), on top of my running and occasional weight/circuit routines in the gym. Up until last month, I believed there to be only one 6 o’clock in a day and that was 6pm. Whilst the MyZone belt doesn’t send a resounding alarm off and rip me from my slumber, it cleverly looks at me from my bedside table and says with a judgemental smirk: “I wonder how many of your colleagues are still lying in bed…”. 

So the MyZone belt, this far, has been a resounding thumbs up and I’m excited to continue with the challenge. I’m yet to find out if it can help wire my jaw shut to prevent me from eating junk food from time to time, I will keep you posted.

Peace and Love.

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