One way of life

Stuck on Amber’s blog is brilliant, every day there’s a thought provoking or motivational message which radiates positivity. The best bit? Each blog is headed up with the title of a belting song, which sets the tone – and topic – for the blog. If you like a clever play on words and have an interest in music, this blog a must follow.

I’m new to the blogging world, a mere two weeks into my blogging life, but I’m enjoying it, both the writing and the connecting with others. Through a ‘comment conversation’, Stuck on Amber suggested that if I had a message (or song) I wanted to share, I should give it a whirl, so here it is…

Levellers – One Way


“There’s only one way of life and that’s your own”


This message is simple but I find it to be rather reassuring. Life is a pressure cooker at times; societal, family, media and personal expectations can sometimes lead to boiling point. Am I doing what I should be doing? Am I doing what I could be doing? If that had happened, I wonder what I would be doing?

The biggest strain on the younger generation regarding this topic, I believe, is social media. The social media craze doesn’t seem to be letting up, like a steam train heading straight to the heart of a town called Anxiety. Constant images and ideas of the perfect life and what “goals” should be accomplished by whom.

You must eat chicken and broccoli from a tupperware. You must have brand new trainers. You must have a social event on every weekend so that your 450 followers on Instagram think you are fun. You must wear your make-up a certain way. You must find time for cocktails, sunsets, cruises, concerts, cuddles, cars and cribs, a perfectly refurbished house with pictures of you with a paintbrush along the way, you must have a great job, new sunglasses, walks in the countryside, a fancy watch, new gym kit, new eyelashes, painted nails, shabby chic furniture, crazy snapchat stories, whilst exercising 7 days per week but not forgetting your rest day – you get the picture.

The most frustrating part for me, aside from the fact I fall victim to this, is that the undertone of these messages masquerade as pushing people to be unique, when really, the pressure only pushes people to follow.

All these messages, however blatent or subliminal, can put people into a frenzy, a desire to reach the unreachable, falling victims to realities which don’t exist except through a phone screen. If that isn’t enough to heighten anxiety, let’s not forget keeping up appearances with the countless friends or followers across a plethora of social media platforms!

I believe it to be important to stop for a while and remind ourselves that actually, the only way of life you need to concern yourself with, is the way of life you want to live and allowing others to do the same. Forget about the hype, concentrate on what’s real and in front of you. Life is seen through eyes and made with real connections, not seen through phone screens and made with uploads and likes. Stories would soon become boring if we all strived to write the same one. Is it important to be happy and healthy? Yes. But after that, it’s a blank page, pick up your pen!

Peace and Love.

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