Fruit infused water and my impending battle with a meal plan

Ok so those who read my blog about the MyZone challenge will know I’m on a bit of a health mission at the moment. Whilst my training has improved significantly, my diet has still been lacking for various reasons but today, the excuses stop and the mission begins!

I’ve set myself out a simple meal plan for the week ahead, nothing fancy, just simple, achievable meals. I’m the kind of person who needs structure to succeed in some areas and diet is definitely one of them. When I’m left to my own devices I seem to eat like there’s no tomorrow – especially if I’m training well, you know the old “you can eat what you want when you train” type mentality. It starts with a quick bag of crisps, a cake or two from Nadina’s Nan (rude not to) then some chocolate, biscuits with a brew, some sweets and before you know it, you’re ‘Lardass’ from Stand By Me…

Ok not quite to the extremes of eating to the point of sickness, I don’t want to appear insensitive to those who genuinely struggle with eating, but you get my drift.

So my meal plan theory is telling me what I’m eating and when, no mystery, no straying, no temptation. It’s all in the preperation, or so I’ve heard, hopefully leading to no last minute, panic stricken pot noodle and cheese Toastie feasts for lunch or leaving the house with no breakfast scenarios.

I love to cook, go out to eat and drink alcohol, so I know this militant structure won’t necessarily be a permanent fixture in my life, but I think it’s the foundation I need to get myself going and I hope it will force me to implement some small changes which perhaps may become more of a long term feature and benefit my all round health and well-being.

The other thing I’m introducing to my routine, is fruit infused water. I’m quite a good water drinker, probably tuck away between 2-3L per day most days and when I went for my boditrax tests relating to the MyZone challenge, hydration levels were one of the few positives.

So, how do I make a good thing even better – stick fruit in it of course. I’ve read lots of good things about fruit infused water lately ( and I’m going to give it a bash. Some of the benefits I hope to experience are; metabolism boost, maintain good skin, vitamin intake, fat burning and digestion assistance – as well as maintaining my hydration levels.

Day One of fruit infused water drinking sees me sampling a combination of Strawberry, Mint and Lemon (pictured). It’s actually delicious and I would certainly recommend, even if on taste alone. I’m hoping to get a full day out of the one lot of fruit, topping my bottle up with water when needed. I’m yet to plunge into the world of fancy, fruit infusing water bottles, but who knows! My 1.5L plastic recycled number will do for now…

Peace and Love.

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