Boxing: my perfect rebound… And my top tips to fitness.

Those who’ve read previous blogs will know that I’m currently doing a fair bit of boxing training in the mornings, 3 times per week at 6:30am. I never thought I’d say this about peeling myself out of my toasty bed at 6am, but I’m absolutely loving it! 

I’ve always liked Boxing, had a play around from time to time over the years with a bit of training etc but nothing of any great merit. In my twenties I became an avid fan of watching it, especially following British fighters. But my main love is always going to be football. I LOVE playing football, although unfortunately, at the moment, this is now past tense as, for now, I’ve hung up my boots. Injuries and niggles have plagued me and about 2 months ago, I said enough is enough. Whilst picking the petals off a flower and weeping over my break up with the game I’ve loved since a small child, Boxing  came along and has shown itself to be the perfect rebound! My brother in-law is getting me into shape and initially I saw it as a great vehicle to take me towards a healthier, fitter body. 

4 weeks in, I’ve taken to it more than I thought and am enjoying learning the new skills. Whilst I’m not claiming to be the next Ricky Hatton, more like Ricky Martin if the truth be told, I am noticing slight improvements, which is encouraging me all the more.

It’s the versatility which has me hooked, from one day to the next, nothing is ever the same, a benefit I am firmly putting down to my extremely talented brother in-law, Carl, who is ridiculously low in confidence as a coach – perhaps on this journey we can help each other develop towards where we want to be. Bag work, core work, circuits, pads, tyre flipping, battle ropes, the list goes on. The main benefit I feel I’ve gained from boxing training, is my improved core strength and in turn a distinct improvement in the injury and niggle department (touch wood!!).

An example of one of our circuits from the morning boxing sessions. Usually we would finish with a circuit like this, it would involve 20-30 seconds on each exercise, right round the circuit with a rest at the end before  repeating (if energy levels permit!).

4 days ago I set myself a meal plan and started drinking fruit infused water (previous blog) and so far, this week has been awesome. I’ve trained hard, ate well and drank shed loads of water! I’m feeling strong, trim and positive.

Yesterday’s snack of Strawberries, Kiwi, Pineapple, Greek Yogurt and Almonds. And my chihuahua, Peggy Sue.

This positive mind set has prompted me to thrash out some of my top tips, which I remind myself of when I have a tough spell in relation the health and fitness and my mindset is a little more negative. I’ve uncovered the following so far on my topsy turvy and continuous road to fitness:

  • Drink loads of water (and less caffeine, pop, juice etc). Not only does it hydrate, it helps to flush out toxins and helps with muscle repair. Pop some fruit in it too for added benefits (previous blog)
  • If you don’t enjoy doing something, don’t do it. Find something else, getting fit and healthy is hard enough, you should at least enjoy your active time!
  • You can’t out train a bad diet. Speaking as someone who has trained like a mother fluffer for a long time with little reward in terms of body shape and weight loss due to a poor(ish) diet, it’s only when I watch what I eat that I see improvements. I’m not talking fad diets or nil by mouth, just sensible eating with a restriction on sugars.
  • Mix up your training. Circuits are ace. The latest craze is HIIT, although I distinctly remember doing this in GCSE PE 12 years ago (yikes that’s scary!), but whatever you do, don’t just plod along. Get your heart rate up and down, get different muscles working and mostly, keep your body guessing!
  • Research. On the back of the last point, research! Get on YouTube and search for new, fresh workouts to mix up your routines.
  • Have food/snacks in stock so that when hunger strikes, you can fix yourself up a nice bowl of fruit, Greek yoghurt and nuts and not be so hungry you have to go to McDonalds as there is no food in the fridge.
  • Plan. Plan your day, plan your food, plan your exercise. That doesn’t mean only eat chicken and broccoli and exercise like a mad person 7 days per week. It means plan what you’re doing and when you’re going to do it, so that you can optimise your time.
  • Don’t beat yourself up. Not literally, although I did punch myself in the face at boxing the other day which was a little embarrassing. I mean, if you have a bad day, miss the gym, eat something naughty etc., relax, there’s no shame, a health kick is not a binding contract punishable by imprisonment! Chill out, forgive yourself, plan your next few days and just make sure you get back on track.
  • Exercise/Eat healthy to live, don’t live to exercise/eat healthy. Getting a balance is key for me. What’s important is to be healthy and give yourself the best chance of a long, happy life. You must still enjoy yourself though, otherwise, what are you getting healthy for?

I’m sure over the next few weeks I will post updates on my journey to fitness and perhaps some of the workout details from our boxing sessions. I also need to do my Music of the week post which may come in the next day or so, but for now, take care people.

Peace and Love.


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