Box Sets: the game changer

Ive come to understand that a week is a long time without blogging, I’ve missed it. Busy with work and other bits and pieces has led to my short absence but I’m back with a bang to discuss Box Sets.

For me, access to Box Sets through Sky Tv and other sources such as Netflix has been an absolute game changer. Not only have Box Sets replaced regular tv for me (I now very rarely watch scheduled tv programmes due to the endless drivel which seems to appear on British tv) but also, it’s catching up with, if not over taking, one of my favourite past times – watching a good old movie.
For me, the beauty of a good Box Set is the depth of story which 10, 14 or 20-odd episodes allows you to explore. The main plot is a given and the fact it spans across so many episodes means that it can be revealed in due course and not rushed or skimmed. As well as the the twists and turns of a main plot, a good Box Set reals you in with sub plots which add to the drama, as well as revealing more about the characters. This leads to my next point, as a good Box Set unfurls, it feels as though you really get to know the characters, something which sometimes a film or one-off tv show can rush or even miss. The final and outstanding benefit of a good Box Set is of course… Binge watching! Episode after episode, delaying sleep as the curiousity and tension is too much to handle!
My favourite Box Sets to recommend…

  • Entourage (all)

Fantastic story of four childhood friends who’ve burst into the Hollywood movie scene and are living the good life. Could be seen as a slow starter but stick with it! By season 8 you feel part of the gang, great characters, unexpected highs and lows, hilarious stories, emotions, expletives and ventures. A real x-rated, heart warmer (if such a thing can exist)!

  • The Wire (S1)

The Wire blew my mind! It follows a gritty tussle between the Baltimore Police and the head of a drug dealing crew. The task force assigned to the case are a group of misfits with the odds stacked against them, but my word do they make a go of it! The characters are deep and brilliant and the storyline even better, a real edge of the seat drama!

  • Game of Thrones (all)

Not sure there are the words to describe this Box Set… Anyone who hasn’t heard of GoT must have been living on a different planet for the last few years!! It tells the stories of power struggles and family fueds in different cities, countries and cultures, with plenty of scheming and plotting in a bid to take the iron throne, the one who controls the 7 kingdoms! Ok so it’s not for everyone, I get that, there are some fantasy elements which for me are tricky to accept, but there are so many amazing characters and storylines and some unbelievable cliff hangers!

  • Ray Donovan (all)

Moody, dark and bloomin’ fantastic! It’s an atmospheric, slow burner documenting the movements of Ray Donovan, a tough, no nonsense Hollywood “fixer”, and his family, who originate from Boston. Once you accept that Ray only speaks when he has to and that in time it will become clear why he has certain issues you can enjoy the programme and just trust me that each season – and Ray – kick ass!

  • True Detective (S1)

Again, another moody and atmospheric plot, which is extremely dark and mysterious. A clever switch between modern day and the past means it’s initially hard to follow, but crank the volume up and concentrate, it’s worth it! It follows two detectives who are attempting to unveil the dark secrets of a gruesome murder in the Deep South. Wonderful acting from Woody and Matthew McConaughey.

  • The Sopranos

For me, The Sopranos is the original Box Set! A wonderful story on the trials and tribulations of a mobster and his two families; his wife and kids AND his mob family. Deals, hits, organised crime, gambling, drugs, strip joints, construction fronts, cigars, some tremendous tracksuits and fine Italian food and drink make this an action packed series. The thing that puts this above just another mob story is its added depth which I believe comes from Tony Soprano’s relationship with his shrink. Here we see a tough guy mobster try to understand and cope with feelings, emotions and his mental health, revealing a much more sensitive side which makes this Box Set a showstopper!

I’d love to hear your comments and recommendations!

Peace and Love.

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